The sculpture and the bass-relief with plastic cubism and futurism forms. Gladys Sica Italo-Argentine contemporary visual artist and poet

Gladys Sica, "La forza della crescita" (The strength of growth) cm 125x80x60
F ibreglass Sulpture, Selected work,
Sìvori Museum "Salone M. Belgrano" Argentina, 1998.

"In coppia" (Couple)
Bronze Scuplture cm 26x12x8

"Donna che aspetta" (Waiting woman)
Bronze Scuplture cm 16x27x4

"Mujer apoyada" (Leaned woman)
Wire and wax Sculpture

"Los cuerpos de la roca" (Rock bodies)
Cement Sculpture cm 23x23x20

"Mujer arrodillada" (Kneeled down woman)
Wire Sculpture cm 30x35x15

"Vincolo primordiale" (Primordial tie)
Marble Bas-relief cm 19x38x4

"Prima del grnde passo" (Before the big step)
Bronze Bas-relief cm 48x36

"Espera activa" (Active wait)
Acrylic Scuplture cm 14x12x21

"Sculturina di donna"
cm 5,50x3x9
(Woman little sculpture
Bronze Scuplture


"El cuerpo del silencio" (The body of silence)
Cement Sculpture cm 56x66x30

"Il vuoto che lascia l'amore"
(Emptiness that love leaves) cm 38x20
Black polished bronze Sculpture

About the relationship between works and public

Yes, I pointed out in another occasion that it can be listened, sometimes, laments of the pictures, of the sculptures or of the books that remind you their will to move, go around the world, meet people.
You feel like the duty, in front of your creation, to give it the opportunity to live its own adventure. This doesn’t happen almost always in the expected time, is like falling in love, it cannot foresee when it will happen the final meeting with the collector or the art dealer, with the reader or the editor. But it’s our own responsibility, in any case, allow and taking care the relationship between works and public, within our possibility. For me has vital importance the relationship that born during an exhibition or a reading between myself and the public, is, often, a magic relationship that is perpetuated in the time. People tell you what they live, they think or imagine starting from my poetries, my paintings, my images, my words. Sometimes they invite you in their houses to show you, where they put the sculpture or the bought picture, and there is no any other better thing than ascertain how many cuddles receive your ancient creature.

Interview to Gladys Sica by Edith Checa published on spanish magazine “Jirones de Azul”(04.08.2006)

“Side by side to pictorial activity, Gladys Sica carries on remarkable literary and sculptural productions. Volumes of her plastic works are vigorous and powerful, with peculiar references to cubism and futurism faceted masses.”

Gianni Pre, One-person Exhibition presentation with poetry reading, “Dell’Angolo” Bookshop, Milan, 1999.

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