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Gladys Sica
Italo-Argentine contemporary visual artist and poet

Gladys Sica, Villa Casati Stampa di Soncino, Milan, 2007.


Gladys Sica Curriculum Vitae (in Spanish)

Gladys Sica (1959) Italo-Argentine poetess and visual artist.
She is History of art, Sculpture and Drawings professor, she takes part at one-person and collective exhibitions, dissertations and cultural meetings, artistic and literary contests, readings and presentations of books and as member of the jury.

She holds the first one-person exhibition in “Ciovasso” Gallery, in Milan and she makes several “Latin-American Mural paintings” –two of them 130 m. long and 3m. high.
Her works are in art catalogues and in public and private collections in Argentina, Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland.

Her poems are in several anthologies, libraries, web sites and blog in Italy, Spain, U.S.A., Greece, Argentina and Latin-American. She contributes to several magazines in Italy (“Alla Bottega”, “Controcorrente”), she is the correspondent also from Italy of the Argentine art and literature magazine "Generación abierta", with reviews, essays on artists (Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Camille Claudel), interviews with poets and poems translations (Massimo Palladino, Marco Saya, Luis Raúl Calvo).

After having crossed many times the ocean, in both there and back directions between Buenos Aires and Milan, she lives and works, now, in Italy.

Critical texts about her art and poetry works were written in Italy by: Gianmario Lucini, Rossana Bossaglia, Marco Saya, Massimo Giannotta, Fortuna Della Porta, Franco De Faveri, Giorgio Seveso, Giuseppe Possa, Sergio Spadaro, Ioli Natoli, Daniela Bolsi, Marzia Mazza, Domenico Cara, Franco Migliaccio, Gianni Pre, Raffaele De Grada.
Critical texts about her art and poetry works were written in Argentina by: Guillermo Cuello, Luis Raùl Calvo, Osvaldo Argento, Luis Benítez.

Interview: on line Literary Magazine “Jirones de Azul” Spain (2006), on web site Italy (2007), on Magazine “Generación Abierta” Argentine (2008).

Published books:
"Animal Tederness"
is her first poems book published in Buenos Aires with "Ramón Plaza" contest, in 1997.
_ “In the fire of silence –the travel”, poems collection winner of 1st prize of “Antonia Pozzi” contest in Milan, in 2005, is her second poems book published.
- “Atlantic wind”, poems collection winner of 1st prize of “Controcorrente” contest in Milan, in 2009, is her third poems book published.

Unpublished literary works: - Novel Prizes Ibiskos 2008, Empoli, Italy (2008). - One poems collections.

One-person exhibitions:
- “Polarità di conflitti”,
Ciovasso Gallery, Milan, critic by Gianni Pre (1993).
- “Blocchi plastici”
, Cultural Centre C. A. Dalla Chiesa, Trezzano s/N, critic by Franco Migliaccio (1994).
- "Blocchi Plastici",
Consulado Argentino, "La Goccia" Centre, critic by Franco Migliaccio, Milan (1994).
- “Tempo di ritorno”
, Nuovo Aleph Gallery, Milano, critic by Domenico Cara (1995).
- “ Milano Retrospettiva”
, Art Space M.S.B. Buenos Aires, Argentina (1996).
- "Il viaggio”
, General San Martìn Centre, Buenos Aires Municipality, critic by Guillermo Cuello (1997).
- "Pitture, disegni, sculture, poesie"
, site "Bambalinas", Bs. As., critic by O. Argento (1998).
- "Dipinti, Cartoni, Sculture",
"Dell'angolo" Bookshop, critic by Gianni Pre, Milan (1999).
- "Lo sguardo interiore"
, Cultutal Space Kalòn, Casale di Scodosia, Padova, critic by M. Mazza (1999).
- “Tele, visioni, cartoni”
, Art Labour Centre, Milan (2000).
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- “Mirada migratoria”
, Milan Philological Circle , critic by Franco De Faveri (2002).
- “Buenos Aires-Milano-Buenos Aires”
, Sargadelos Gallery, Milan, critic by Franco De Faveri (2003).
- “Le invisibili forze”
, Cascina Grande, Rozzano Culture Aldermanship, critic by Giorgio Seveso (2005).
- "Le linee e l'eco del mistero",
Archivi del '900 Bookshop, Milan (2006).
- "Le linee e l'eco del mistero"
Odradek La libreria, critic by Massimo Giannotta, Rome (2006).
- “Omaggio alla donna”,
Villa Casati Stampa, Cinisello Balsamo, Milan (2007).
- “L’immagine e il silenzio”, Eustachi Gallery, Milan (2007).
- “Poemario”, “Open Event”, Spazio “Interno 43”, Monte San Savino, AR, Italy (2008).
- "Minipersonale", Sala Canonica Via Torretta, Bettola, PC (2013).

L. R. C.
9. About what subjects do the European poets write? What are the most recurring arguments?

G. S.
The pluralities cohabitation and languages contamination that exist also in poetry is a simultaneous phoneme in almost all the continents.
It could be said that authors poetic like Paul Celan is a general reference, for me was an important discovery.
There is a movement that tend to language reflection, to poetic act, to poetry and thinking relation, the word and the things.
I believe that all this self asking on ourselves going away from the world and from the ego, have left the poetry free from explanatory and communication responsibilities among people.
In Italy, after hermetic poetry, had a lot of importance all that comes from experimental poetry –term that was born before with Pasolini in the “Officina”(Workshop) magazine- with “I nuovissimi” (The newest) and “Il gruppo del ‘63” (The 1963 group).
This group formed by among others Sanguinetti, Porta, Balestrino, comprehended different subjects like art, aesthetic, music. Umberto Eco was one of their critic, about art this group had relation with abstract, informal and conceptual movements.
In the Seventies apart from experimentation with sonorous and visual poetry, it started the upsetting towards daily and politic reality; poetry started to merge more and more with colloquial words, different languages and dialects, technical and scientific terms.
The risk is always the same, that this set free zone remains again suffocated from an only intellectual creation, life and emotions put away from that totality that, theoretically, should attend to recover and live.
In this century, I don’t know if for the internet massive use or for the urgent necessity to show in public the personal sphere, there is together with the multiplicity of poetical forms difficult to define also an overproduction hard to digest. But all this intricate tangle shows an unusual interest for poetry, even if in a chaotic manner, with different quality and without relying on authorities and mass media recognition.

Interview to Gladys Sica "Poetry and art, the same passion, the same fire" by Luis Raul Calvo published on argentine magazine "Generación abierta" n° 49 (2008)

Interview to Gladys Sica by Luis Raul Calvo on magazine "Generaciòn Abierta n° "49" and "50"(2008)

Interview published on web site (2007)

Interview to Gladys Sica by Edith Checa published on magazine “Jirones de Azul”(04.08.2006)

Presentation by Rossana Bossaglia 2007

Presentation by Giuseppe Possa 2006 (in Italian)

Presentation by Giorgio Seveso 2005 (in Spanish)

Interview to Gladys Sica by Edith Checa from Spain

Published on 08.04.2006 on Spanish Literary Magazine “Jirones de Azul” (in Spanish)

About my first novel
“My novel just deals with these ancestral calls, mysterious dreams, events with this Junghian synchronicity that leads our life, a first travel experience. A travel not only as geographic or outward route, but, above all, spiritual or evolutionary, an inward seeking travel. Although my first novel is in the embryo stage, since only its heart or its central nucleus is finished, I don’t know how much more its branches of secondary subjects and characters will develop. So, as I have already explained in another conversation with you, in this first approach to my novel, contrary to what I was expecting, I found myself sailing in calm waters.

The process was almost a revelation one: I can say that suddenly burst during an holiday in Venice: I was sleeping, I got up, I saw all sequences like a movie, I wrote the chapters with their titles having clearly in my mind all its general content and then I went back to bed. Obviously when something bursts, undoubtedly a very long gestation inwardly activity exists – maybe secret or not- that could takes years, months, weeks or the entire life. The fact was that I was not looking for it, it came without notice and monopolized my time and all my energies.

This visualization -even if primitive- of all organizational outline before starting to write, happened only when I create a sculptural work, where it is necessary to know what I want to leave in order to place a support skeleton to extract a defined idea from a stone. At least to me -because as a matter of fact each author has his own formulas or his rituals and, provided that they are useful for someone, must be respected- this for example doesn’t happens to me with poetry or painting, because in these the creation develops itself only in the least consciously organized, mostly flows following unknown, unthinkable movements. It could be that I needed a medium to say more things at the same time, or that I had the will to tell them more directly or to show them in a different manner, a peak that offers other expressive possibilities, a new route for me. We will see where it leads me…”

gladys sica


Gladys Sica One-person art exhibition with poems reading with the critic Mr. Giorgio Seveso, Mr. Gianni Maffi, culture alderman of Rozzano municipality, Milan, 2005.


Interview published on web site in English

Interview to Luis Raúl Calvo by Gladys Sica (2008 - in Spanish)

Interviews and poems translations published on Argentine magazine "Generación abierta"

- Con la poesía en Italia: hoy con Marco Saya (2007) (in Spanish)

- Con la poesía en Italia: hoy con Massimo Palladino (2006) (in Spanish)


Essays published on Argentine magazine "Generación abierta" and on Italian magazines "Alla Bottega" and "Controcorrente":

- Visita al Van Gogh Museum de Ámsterdam (2005) (in Spanish)

- Frida Kahlo: "Museo della Permanente– Milano” (2004) (in Spanish)

- Camille Claudel - Esculturas: "Anatomía de la vida Interior" (2003) (in Spanish)


Gladys Sica together with poets Massimo Giannotta, Fortuna Della Porta, Giuliana Lucchini, Odradek La libreria, Rome, 2006.

Gladys Sica at Archivi del '900 Bookshop, Milan, introduction by Luigi Olivetti, 2006.

Prizes, mentions and poems anthologies:
- "A. Kuliscioff"
, Turin (1991).
- "Cinque Terre" , La Spezia (1993-1994-1995).
- “Umberto Casu”, Milan (1994).
- “Ramón Plaza”, Buenos Aires (1996).
- "Laboratorio delle arti", Milan (1998-1999-2001).
- "A. Alessandri", Argentina (1999).
- “Il giunco”, Brugherio (2000).
- "Aspera", Pavia (2001-2005).
- "Controcorrente", Milan (2004).
- 1st prize “Antonia Pozzi“, Milan (2004).
2nd Prize “Ad Novam”, Nova Milanese (2005).
- “Logos” Perrone Publisher, Rome (2006).
- "Lorenzo Montano" Verona (2006).
- 1st prize “Ioscrivo” Perrone Publisher Rome (2007).
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- Cultural Association “Versilia Club”, Massa, Italy (2007).
- Novel, Ibiskos 2008, Empoli, Italy (2008).
- “Massa citta di mare e di marmo”, Massa, Italy (2008).
- "David Maria Turoldo", Sondrio, Italy (2009).
- 1st prize "Contro corrente", Milan, Italy (2009).
- 1st prize "Nuove lettere", Napoli, Italy (2010).

Art prizes and mentions:
- Etching, "Fratelli Agazzi" Contest, Bergamo (1991).
- Drawing, "Eustachi" Gallery, Milan (1991).
- 1st prize
Picture, "G. Solenghi" Gallery, Como (1991).
- Linoleum, "R. Mondolfo" Centre, Milan (1991).
- Picture, "Dipingerho", Association Rho (1991).
- Picture, Comune di Casale Monferrato Contest (1992).
- Picture, "Euroassemblaggio Cultura", Milan (1992).
- Linocut, "Sandro Pertini" Centre, Milan (1992).
- Picture, Auditorium Di S. Francesco hall, Santhià (1992).
- 1st prize Picture, "G. Solenghi" Gallery, Como (1991).
- Picture, Villa Litta Toselli, Lainate (1994). Picture, "Artisti in Piazza", Saronno (1995).
- Picture, " Il Pomero" Contest, Rho, Milan (1995-2006).
- Sculpture, S.A.A.P., Buenos Aires (1995).
- Picture, "Ponte Rosso" Gallery, Milan (1996).
- Sculpture, "Loft Espacio Alfa" Gallery, Buenos Aires (1998).
- Sculpture, "M. Belgrano" hall, " Sivori Museum", Buenos Aires (1998).
- Picture, Municipal Library Comune di Pessano con Bornago, Milan (2000).
- Picture, 12th Contest "Citta' Di Nova Milanese" (2000).
- Picture extemporaneous, Credicoop Lombardo Bank, C. Monzese (2000).
- Picture, “New Artemisia Gallery”, Bergamo (2005).
- Picture and Intaglaited Carton, 42nd and 43rd National Contemporary Exhibition, Santhià (2005-2006).
- Intaglaited Carton, 23rd Contemporary Picture Contest , Trivero (2006).
- 1st prize Drawing,"Eustachi" Gallery, Milan (2007).

- 2nd Prize
Engraving, “Noé Bordignon” Contest, Municipio di Castelfranco Veneto (2007).
- Picture, “Città di Castelfranco Veneto” Contest, Treviso (2007).
- Prize Intinerant Exhibitions, "Grafhic Art", Casale sul Sile, Treviso (2008).
1st prize Engraving on line, "Grafò" Contest, Novara (2009).
- Pittura Premiata, 1° Premio Nazionale “Città di Cossato”, Provincia di Biella (2013).

Reading and Presentations:
- Book Presentation Cultural Centre "San Martin Theatre" (1997).
- Cultural Bar "El Mirador" (1998).
- Exhibitions Centre "Buenos Aires No Duerme" (1998).
- Literary
Bar "Don Juan" (1998).
- Café “Montserrat”, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2003).
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Gladys Sica One-person art exhibition"El viaje" S. Martín Centre, Buenos Aires, 1997.

Collective exhibitions:
- "Societé des artistes français", Grand Palais, Paris (1991).
- "2nd Contemporary Art Biennial",
Monterosso Calabro, Catanzaro (1992).
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Gladys Sica Together with prof. Enrique Romano (sculptor), One-person art exhibition “Milano Retrospettiva”, M.S.B. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1996.

Gladys Sica One-person art exhibition "Le invisibili forze", Cascina Grande, Rozzano municipality, Milan 2005.

Franco De Faveri

Gladys Sica at MUSEO SIVORI, selected sculpture "The strength of growth" fibreglass 125x80x60, Argentina, 1998.

Gladys abysses

Gladys Sica introduces herself to this one-person exhibition with a very fed program, trefoil-shaped: in fact there is painting on the one hand, poetry on the other hand and then sculpture on the background (she studied it in Buenos Aires) and it hovers about, maybe like an absent presence, on the whole.

But, looking carefully, we realize that the trefoil is a four-leaved as a matter of fact, or even a five or six-leaved: the pictorial programme is in fact very articulate in itself: on the one hand there are, and immediately catch the eye, the wide works with extent and large spots, made with a spatula, like the tool, the spatula, with which they were made; near to them, and quite distinct, is located the most recent production, made with brush (oil and acrylic colours) moving fast towards the informal painting; there are also linocuts, but in another different section we immediately discover another production, the one made on carton, minimalist, itself with its own inner articulations: to proper painting comes up to its side a way of creating absolutely peculiar, unique, maybe. If you look closely: on many carton works perspective is not obtained with the usual illusion effect, using perspective technique, but with a digging activity that skins the material making a good use of grooves concrete inwardness with its play of lights and shadows.

Gladys Sica One-person art exhibition "Dell'Angolo" bookshop, together with G. Possa, A. Mazzotta, G. Pre, G. Scalvini, Milan, 1999.

Is there a thoroughly unity that supports the different multifoil lobes: painting, poetry, sculpture, engraving and intagliated cartons? I would say yes, and it is due to an interesting interaction, to an interplay between the two main artist souls, the plastic one and the poetic-musical one.
Unity is the sea, the ocean to be precise, that Gladys flied across in the two ways different times and that almost took her prisoner, as it is the suitcase that sails it, “lost” with all the personal effects that contains (namely the personal identity), in one of the picture made with spatula “The lost suitcase”.

But the ocean is a unity not only as pictorial motif, an useful opportunity (think about how may are the pictures where marine waves, with their wide motion, appear in the background or in the proscenium, too), but, more deeply, is an existential and archetypal unity, that pushes from “the bottom” and pulses in the artist imagination: the sea, the ocean, are in fact omnipresent as connotation, as can be analysed from a semantic point of view. The ocean is bottomless, involving, it evokes the remote, it is rough as far as the eye can see, eternally changeable with its numberless facets. Well, take a look of the poems, pay attention to the references verbal play: the “remote” is recurring, together with the “waves”, the departure, the return, the landing nostalgia and the impossibility of a fixed landmark.

Gladys Sica One-person art exhibition "Lavoro arte" Centre together with critics Domenico Cara and Sergio Spadaro, Milan, 2000.

The same semantic dissemination game is present in pictorial works: the wave multiple movement is reflected in the dance one (argentine tango, of course), but also in butterfly wings palpitation (see the carton, snow white, that is inspired from it).
And then, the abyss: it appears (beyond the oceanic depths), with two different versions: one still imbued of water idea (represented by the falls at the border between Argentina and Brazil “Las Cataratas del Iguazù” (Iguazù Falls) higher and more impressive than the Niagara ones); another version is given by “Treno delle nuvole” (Clouds Train) in the Salta region in the north of Argentina, more than 4.000 meters high. Here the oceanic multiplicity is projected in the sky, that is thought like an upside down ocean; the abyss through the highest mountains is represented by the multiple game of fragile and staggering railway trellis, menacing in the evocation that it omits and then it exorcizes (an head is seen that leans out of the windows to look around). So the train travels, in reality, suspended between two abysses, between their risked borders. There is no more terrible metaphor of the bewilderment in which is summarized a human and lyric condition, deeply suffered. Is it, I would like to say, that redeems Gladys creating protean moment, keeping it in the border of unfounded experimentation and self-complacency skill.

Proteus, the marine god, the sea to be precise, the ocean reproduced anthropomorphous, for Ulysses that Gladys embodies, is a transience symbol of who is looking for the root and he finds solace, awaiting, with the memory of the dog (this theme comes twice), loyalty and belonging symbol, of who welcomes Ulysses pursued by nostalgia.

From the catalogue "Artepoesia" 2003.

Gladys Sica together with painter Liliana Fernandez Infazòn and poet Luis Benítez at "Complejo Bambalinas", Argentina, 1998.

Gladys Sica together with painter Perez Celiz at "Barobar", Buenos Aires, 1999.

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