Latin-American mural paintings Gladys Sica Italo-Argentine contemporary visual artist and poet

"Latin-American mural paintings " meters 130 x 3 on plastic or on iron plate, created only in one week, Latinoamericando Festival , 1995.






About expectations

Continuing to live, miraculously, doing my job with dignity, it is the primordial thing. Then if this activity increases itself, it arrives to more people to open a different door in their lives or to approach others with which making projects in harmony with the world, those results will be welcome.

I hope, finally to continue to live the adventure to stay alive continuing to recreate in liberty, despite all the terrors and the dark points of our time and our planet, the magic of the life.


Interview to Gladys Sica by Edith Checa published on spanish magazine “Jirones de Azul”(04.08.2006)

"But we are not interested in inaccurate categorizing. We are interested, on the contrary, in the painting of an artist such as Gladys Sica that works with transport and enthusiasm, with large and decisive touch of the brush using spatula and brushes with which she can hurl real blows"

Franco Migliaccio, from “Plastic Blocks” one-person exhibition catalogue, Milan.

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