Engraving on wood, zinc or linoleum.   Gladys Sica Italo-Argentine contemporary visual artist and poet

"Visita alla Francesca"
Xylograph on linoleum
(Visit to "La Francesca" holiday camp)
cm 50x35 2001

"Ritual del bosque" (Wood ritual)
Xylograph on linoleum cm 39x50

" Vicino alla fine del ciclo" cm 50x35 2002
(Near the cycle end) Xylograph on linoleum

"Ensueño al alba" (Dream at dawn)
Xylograph on wood cm 24x40

"El despertar de Isis" (Isis awakening)
Engraving on X-Ray Plate cm 24x39

"Muerte en el vientre" (Death in the womb) cm25x40
Etching on Zinc

"Opciones excluyentes " (Excluding choices)
Xylograph on wood cm 24x39

"Victoria divina" (Divine victory)
cm 24x35
Varnish to the rubber, testure on zinc

"Los portales internos" (The internal arcades)
Xylograph on wood cm 24x40

About titles

Titles for me are part of the work itself, born together with it, they are in the painted canvass, in the drawn sheet, in the sculptured bronze. They complete my works and never are arbitrary. Maybe some work born without titles…but this happens rather with preparatory works or sketches that, later, I decide to show in public. In my poetry, titles correspond, almost always, to the last verse. But not even in this case it’s a decision taken previously, a fixed or predetermined scheme.

Interview to Gladys Sica by Edith Checa published on spanish magazine “Jirones de Azul”(04.08.2006)

"Is there a thoroughly unity that supports the different multifoil lobes: painting, poetry, sculpture, engraving and intagliated cartons? I would say yes, it is due to an interesting interaction, to an interplay between the two main artist souls, the plastic one and the poetic-musical one."

Franco De Faveri, one-person Exhibition Presentation “Circolo Filologico”, Milan, 2002.

"The struggles between life and death, rage and love, hope and despair pass through, therefore, her artistic work tissue hold by a genuine vitality, which not much concedes to aesthetical hedonism or to experimental complacence."

Gianni Pre, review on “Controcorrente” magazine, Milan, 2000.


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