Drawings on paper: mixed technique,with china ink and biro
Gladys Sica
Italo-Argentine contemporary visual artist and poet

"Domenica, poesia, tango e poi..."
(Domenica, poetry, tango and then...)
Mixed technique cm 70x100 2007

L. R. C.
5. In which way does the creative process originate inside you? Are there differences when you write a poem or you paint a canvass? Do you think to express better what you want to transfer with one of the two artistic doctrines or do you feel in the same way with both?

G. S.
The creative process born from a depth of vacuum, of silence, of liberty, of spontaneity and community with a greater reality. Those are the characteristics of a meditation or receptivity state, also when it doesn’t happen in a conscious way. Besides, it’s not so important if on the surface of this ocean there is a struggle between colours masses or words that advance as armies in opposite harmonies, in reality all come from that depth. It’s almost as, temporarily, the ego limitation overflows with creation.
In that alchemic space the individual material transforms itself in something greater, that becomes universal and coming from this transmutation the material can, finally, be useful for the others. The others participate completing it, modifying it or aggregating other meanings.
No, there is no difference between writing poetry or painting, drawing or engraving, sculpturing or writing a novel in the way the works born or announce themselves.
Differences and likenesses during creative work come from later, obviously, from technical characteristics that belong to each art, also from the size, the materials, the time dedicated to them.
At first sight it could be said that it can be possible to transmit in another way through the word, that the word hits with a more precise light and, in the same time, it’s more exposed to deviate itself toward mind trap.
But this is due to personal uses and routes, not from the word itself or to the image in itself, the purpose is the same for the poet and for the artist: restoring inaccessible meanings, going beyond each one own limits, incorporating distant or apparently opponents echoes.

Interview to Gladys Sica "Poetry and art, the same passion, the same fire" by Luis Raul Calvo published on argentine magazine "Generación abierta" n° 49 (2007)

Where come from the acid sourness of red, yellow, brown tonalities of these Gladys Sica works? Why do the violet, the green, blues tonalities become impatient of their shades and lights?
And, moreover, what dazzles, what calcinations, what phantoms are projected on canvasses screen now often scanned by bars, lines or subdivisions almost geometric, suspended as between a way of leading stained glass and a mosaic rhythm?

Giorgio Severo, one-person exhibition "Cascina Grande" public Gallery, Rozzano, Milan, 2005.

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