the material painting in modern figurative or neo-figurative art- poetry vanguard - surrealism

Gladys Sica
Italo-Argentine contemporary visual artist and poet

Luis Raúl Calvo
1. How was your first approach to art world, what did generate this vocation? What was born at first, literature or art?

Gladys Sica.
This vocation grew up in solitude with rituals that started precociously. I don’t know if there was an exact moment when I came into contact or I don’t remember it. What always existed is this companionship, a natural presence of poetry and art in my life, since when I attended the primary school.
When I was twelve I belonged to a group named “Niños y jóvenes escritores” (kids and teenagers writers) that was used to meet in the historical cafés “Tortoni” and “Las Violets”, where I made my first experiences as public reader.
When I was fifteen –after a short and clarifier period through the Trotskyism- I understood,
with the support of a simple practical example, that the change must pass through the knowledge to avoid to be entrapped, with the first attempt, in the same model that it pretends to overcome.
So I joined, afterwards, a group of surrealist poets formed in Roberto Art Park trough an announcement published on “Expreso imaginario” (imaginary Express) magazine in 1973.

Interview to Gladys Sica "Poetry and art, the same passion, same fire" by Luis Raul Calvo published on argentine magazine "Generación abierta" n° 49 (2008)

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